Region Killer - Enigma Drive?



Few hours ago I wanted to check Region Killer program,one recommended by friend and a few forums as best for region free

After I installed the same one of my drives: LG GSA-4081B simply
refused to work at all.

I have Teac CDRW and this LG DVD-+R (also DVD-RAM) even before this there was some sort of conflict due to a nature I could only record CD’ from Teac in Nero, while LG only did DVD-RAM.

After I installed this program also my DVD-RAM driver vanished, the same is presented as logical drive (removable drive) due to a nature of DVD-RAM fantastic way of using this media.

Now I can’t read anything in this LG drive and I get this message : “J:\ is not accessible The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.”

I’ve erased program from OS but this brought no benefit for this
problem, for I get again the same message if try to read from LG Drive.

I’m just about to make full new system, actually completely new machine (AMD64) but I have some files to sort here and transfer another to Mac. Could you please just give me a hint what might have caused or trigger in this program for my drive to behave like this?

Is there some fast remedy for me to sort this out. Or must I install
brand new OS here as well to get this drive waked up?

Thank you for your time and attention.