Region free

can someone please tell me if i change my settings on my 5045 to region free will i be able to record dvds and vhs tapes onto the hard drive by useing an other dvd player and hooking up to the rear input jacks.

Are you talking about coping a VHS or DVD that is copy protected? If so region free will not help you with the microvision copy protection. As long as the DVD’s and VHS tapes belong to you I can tell you how to do it. Let me know and I’ll tell you the way I do it.

Here is how I do it.

DVD’s I do in the computer. I use a free program called ripit4me. Go to their site and read up on how to use the programs. the other programs are their to download for free so you can ripit, shrink it and burn it. I don’t use img. burn I use NERO.

DVD’s can be done useing a SIMA video stabolizer. You need a DVD player and DVD recorder to do this. Last I knew you can get the SIMA from BESTBUY for about $100.
I have one and it works great.

VHS you can do with the SIMA or a Digital Video Stabilizer. I found this at MCM Electronics for about $20. This unit works good but will only do VHS tapes not DVD’s.

remember if you are going to use your computer and ripit4me you also need to have
DVD Decrypter
Ripit4me and installer
DVD Shrink

Hope this helpped you.

Thanks DR. PAUL
I was hoping to just be able to use my lite on 5045 Ill keep the info you posted if Im
not able to do it with the recorder I have.
Thanks again

Mr Wizzard was working on a hack for the 5045 but I don’t know if its done yet. You might want to check that out. The one that might know is CC Romeo I think he has a 5045. Just send him a PM.

FYI shows 5045 hacked fimrware which should work for region and macrovision free.