Region Free vs. Region 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 8

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AnyDVD can disable the region-specific code on a DVD, so that it becomes “region free”. However, a few original DVD’s I have say:
“Region locked to: 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 8”
…which apparently means, that DVD will play in any region (or “multi region”, which I don’t know whether it is equivalent to “region free”).

So my question is: if I have a DVD that says “Locked in Region 1”, should I make it “region free”, or is there any way that AnyDVD can set it to “1,2,3,4,5,6, and 8”? (considering I want to play in on different systems/different regions).

A somewhat related question is: when I change the settings in AnyDVD to “Region 8 Special International Venues”, the information from the DVD reads “Simulate RPC2 drive: Region 8”. What does that mean exactly, and is that good or bad (i.e., am I limiting the playback compatibility of that DVD, or am I expanding it)?

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just leave it set to region 1, that is for reading only option, your backup will work on any region as long as SOFTWARE REGION CODE is ticked :slight_smile:

Leave AnyDVD at the default settings and all will be fine. For more information about the different settings use the right mouse button.

Thanks for the answer. I did use the right button, the help option, and the support section on their website, but none explains, for instance, the difference between a “region free” and a “Region 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 8”, or why 7 is “reserved”, etc.

That’s why I tried the forum, so that “communal knowledge” can be built.


Thanks for your response. Let me see if I understand you correctly:

  • When you say region 1 is “for reading only option”, you mean that the option is set like that so that AnyDVD can interact with that specific DVD (as it “reads” it), right?

  • When you say that “software region” should be ticked, you mean that it is the removal of that option (maybe together with “Region Code Scripts”) what actually makes the backup region free, right?

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region free and “all regions” are essentially the same…they will play regardless of the region of the player.

I’m not sure where Region 7 disappeared to, but I’ll google it and get back to you (search is your friend!)

and leaving the setting to R1 is always smart regardless of your home region. it has to do with a type of protection only associated with R1 discs if I remember correctly. anydvd has to be set to R1 to correctly process these discs, but for other region discs it doens’t matter what that setting is…therefore leave it at default.

anydvd, like all of slysoft’s products, are fairly idiot-proof so it’s always a good idea to elave the settings alone unless you know exactly why you want to change what you’re about to change.

and as i promised a quick google search turned up that region 7 is reserved for future use…no idea why they picked 7 or what that future use might be (not sure that “THEY” know either).

and region 8 is for internationally licensed product (ie screeners on airlines/cruises/etc.)

only thing you should be concerned with is regions 1-6 and saying “all regions” is the same as region 0 (ie region free)