Region free VHS/DVD combo code needed for Toshiba SD-V295KU



Hi, I’m new to this forum. I saw that many of you know how to make a dvd player region free. I have researched alot trying to find a code to unlock my VHS/DVD combo Toshiba SD-V295KU, but i havent had any luck. If any of you guys know the code or where i can find i’ll be gratefull.

#2 has a list of player hacks, but your particular player isn’t listed there. That was my best shot finding one for you.

You could start a thread in their forum for dvd players:
But I doubt that will help much. Some players simply don’t have hacks available.

It might be simpler to make backup copies of your dvds, which will remove region coding. If you are trying to play PAL dvds on an NTSC player though, this might not be enough. Many players in countries that use NTSC standards don’t play PAL dvds.