Region free tool for BenQ DW1620A?


For my current Lite-on 812S, there is a large selection of tools available (KProbe, LtnRPC, etc), the most useful of which is the Region Free Tool (LtnRPC). However, I’m now building a second rig and the current prospective writer is the BenQ DW1620A (how is this drive, btw), and I’m looking for similar tools for this drive.

With the Lite-on, there was a page on this forum that listed all the tools available, is there one that’s similar for the BenQ DW1620A?


have u checked with the dangerous brothers?

Umm…care to be more specific?, but theres a bit problem with the site now :a
Check this out first

Thanks so much…but I’ve changed the drive to a BenQ DW1640…not sure if the tool will still work…