Region free, thats all, please?

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My eyes are bleeding and I’m a little overwhelmed.

Very new to this. Just got black NEC 3500A from PCConnection. All I think I want to do is make it play/burn region free. I have a DVD from the UK here in US and want to rip and reburn so I can watch on home theatre DVD (Pioneer 563A)
DVD Info shows firmware as 2.16.
I have used NECWinflash to dump the original bin.
I have DVD Region killer (Do I need it?)
What should I flash with? I’m too noo to worry about speed and media types. I just want to watch my King Kong!

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If making your writer region free is all your concern then having DVD Region Killer is all you need. If you prefer other method of making the drive region free then go to the following site and read very carefully and select what exactly you need and try to flash your drive with it according to the instruction provided and you be OK.

Thanks for the quick reply. So what is the ‘following site’ you mention?

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I apologize for missing it the first time here it is:

Thanks TCAS.

I’m trying to open this region 2 disk in DVD Shrink with Region Killer 2.7 running and drive not flashed yet. I get a message that says I can change region of drive 4 more times. I cancelled. What am I doing stupidly?


You are not doing any wrong, by default the drive can only be change for region five times, so you have two choice either change the region by process of flashing region free f/w from the site I mentioned or go ahead and change the region by your Region Killer and don’t worry about the default counter for five time.

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