Region Free question - thanks!

Hi everyone!
Recently I got a DVD recorder LG DR7800 and I was looking unsuccesfully on the web for any tip how to make it region free.
Could any of you help me with this problem.
Thank you very much.


try this, from here

You can use the hack posted by Nemisis777 for the LG RH-7624W:

  1. Power On
  2. Open Tray
  3. Press Setup
  4. Highlight the Lock Picture (Don’t Enter Right hand Menu)
  5. Press “0” seven times
  6. You should now have a message on the screen saying “This player is now Region Free” or something along those lines.

Thanks a lot, it works perfectly - you would’n know by any chance where to download the manual for my DVD recorder would you?

Thank you


have you tried LG’s website