Region free (PX-716A)

Okay, I know this was already posted before, but I don’t know what to do. I read that some of you suggest exact DVD playing software and some suggest firmware patch to make the DVD unit region free. Tell me, what’s the best? Firmware could be buggy, but it can also be more convenient.
Also, I have another question about firmware patch - is it necessary to update that region free patch frequently, paralell to drive firmware update or is it completely all-around and fixed?

Any newer suggestion and experiences? Had anyone bad luck with firmware patch?


I dont really see a reason to used pated frmware. First because it voids the warranty and second it only makes the drive region free which can be achieved by using other software. All you need is a program like dvd43 or dvd region free.

Hi :slight_smile:
Some would have you believe that in the interests of reading / writing the path of least resistance is the way to go
So even if your DVD Rom / DVDRW is “Region Free” the software of OS media players still mean that you need s/w to free you of any region restraint
But many folks still prefer to do both just to have “least resistance”
You need the s/w
Patched f/w could be seen as a luxury
Updates for region free not needed however if a firmware update comes out you have to decide whether to use the non region free f/w or wait for hack to keep DVD Rom / DVDRW region free
(If using region free s/w you will still be able to access any region regardless)
Personally I’ve had no problem with this type of f/w but if you’re unsure stick to region free s/w

Only 5 bytes differ between original PX-716A firmware and patched RPC1 firmware (2 bytes are checksum). So patched firmware will not be harmful. But if you don’t need multi-region playback environment, I do NOT recommend to install patched firmware.

Because region free firmware under Windows environment is troublesome. Recent playback software such as WinDVD or PowerDVD also have internal region setting. These softwares always deny to playback commercial DVD with region free drive. To overcome this limitation, Slysoft AnyDVD is required.

With Linux OS, drive with region free firmware is very comfortable. Typical DVD playback software for Linux, “Xine + libdvdcss” does not have internal region setting. You can playback commercial DVD from all around the world without any limitation.

If you flash it with the region free firmware, can you still flash it back (if it does not work to your satisfaction)? Other than a bad flash, could there be any other complications?

Yes you can flash back again with the official Plextor firmware versions. But, if you happen to damage your drive in the process, your warranty will be voided (although I have yet to see anyone damaging their Plextor drive because of a bad firmware flash).

Okay, now I have AnyDVD software installed and it’s running in the background. Now tell me (I don’t have experiences with DVD movies) how to run a DVD movie. I have BSplayer for movies. Can I run it there? I don’t have any region selected in the hardware manager, only in AnyDVD software. I little help please.

And another question that came to my mind - how can I make a backup copy of a DVD movie? Can I simply copy that DVD in software like Nero or Alcohol 120?

you need a software dvd player; i personaly recommend you PowerDVD but many others are pretty cool

Some decent free DVD Player alternatives exist, such as VLC (VideoLAN Client) which can be found at Other free players can be found there along with excellent up to date audio/video codec packs you may need to watch and hear your movies. I’ve used the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack with excellent results, though you may only need the standard or basic packs to fulfill your needs. Although it might seem intimidating at first, installation is easy and you can pick and choose only the codecs you want installed. Adding more later is easy and uninstalling is pretty clean. Best of all, it’s free, has no spyware and it works.

(I have no interest other than as a user in any of the above applications or website, just to let you know.)