Region Free or Not?

Weirdness. I have a week old 4163 that I flashed using The Dangerous Brothers’ A104 (region free).

DISCInfo reports the drive as region free but DVD Region+CSS Free Lite (demo) says it has region protection. Which is correct?


Don’t they use autoreset? In that case the the amount of changes left resets everytime you restart from what I understand. I don’t really know much about this stuff though.

Dangerous Bros suppy 2 firmwares in zip file - A104Auto & A104RPC1. The “auto” resets each time and “RPC1” should set to hardware region free. Auto reset should work fine till disks detect this feature in firmware. RPC1 firmware doesn’t negate software region detection. Read further on Dangerous Bros site.

So, which would you use - Auto or RCP1?

My BenQ and NEC are both reported as region free in both apps, but Windows says they both have just one change left…

As long as the tool DVD Region+CSS is running in background it is normal that drives are beeing reported as region free.
It is basically what this tool was conceived for.


Yes, I appreciate that, but I am curious as to why DVD Region Free and DISCInfo give different results when when drive has been flashed to make it region free.

One of the programs is mis-reporting :confused:


Ok, to make things a little clearer, as I understand it, the auto-reset firmware is still RPC2 but the number of times you can change the region resets to 5 when you reboot.

Which type of firmware to use depends on what you use your drive for most of the time.

Now there are some DVD movies which when you try to play them, will refuse to play if your drive is RPC1. These are not that common. I have not encountered them myself (I borrow DVDs from a library fairly often). However, if you want to be absolutely sure EVERY movie will play on your drive, you will want your drive to be RPC2. So if you mainly use your drive for watching movies, you probably want the auto-reset firmware. As macrobe pointed out, so far none of these movie companies detect whether you are using auto-reset or just plain RPC2 so it should be fine.

On the other hand, certain DVD ripping programs have a tougher time cracking certain copy protection schemes if you use RPC2 firmware. That isn’t a problem with RPC1 firmware. So if you mostly use your drive for ripping DVDs, stick to RPC1.

Comments, corrections etc most welcome. Am still learning too.

Thanks for the info. It’s all becoming a little clearer now.