Region Free Issues - Help Needed



When attempting to play a Region 2 film (Das Leben Der Anderen) on my Region 1 system (Dell E1705 with TSSTcorp TS-L532B +/-RW drive) with what I believe to be a properly-configured DVD Region+CSS Free installation, I cannot play beyond the main menu of the film. The player application window freezes, though I am able to close it from the taskbar without problem (and the process terminates normally by watching in Task Manager)

The configuration is using the default settings, with the exception that I’ve added application support for Windows Media Player and the Media Center Shell, plus one or two other third-party generic players, all of which exhibit the same result, leading me to believe that this is not application-specific.

I’d greatly appreciate any relevant advice which may available. Thanks in advance.


What dvd playback program are you using? Does it normally playback Region 2 dvds?


It happens regardless of the playback software, though I don’t have any other Region 2-specific DVD’s to test it with. Nevertheless, the CSS removal works, and when I played it via DVD X Player it worked just fine. (I’m just not a fan of DVD X Player) :slight_smile:

Would appreciate any further guidance.



The last update to this product was in October, 2006. If the movie is a new release, it may have a new structure protection scheme. What happens if you click “Go directly to DVD movie” (in the Add Ons menu under Direct Play)? Do I understand correctly that it plays as it should only with DVD X Player?