Region free for the Sony DRU-810A?

anyone knows of an equivalent of the LtnRPC utility (originally for Lite-on drives) for Sony dvd recorders ??
or is there no such possibility ??
I need it badly … my drive is Sony DRU-810A … :rolleyes:

ltnrpc should also work with sony drives, as they are only rebadges. just ignore the invalid… message.

the DRU 810 is a BenQ 1640 rebadged!! So take a look at the Benq forum.

LtnRPC does NOT work for sony drives …
u can set the region but cannot reset the user/vendor counts … (dis is wht I need actually )…
it can query as well …
abt the benq forums, I searched but cudnt find ne … :frowning:

first lemme ask the basic question …
Does sony’s firmware support user/vendor rpc change reset ???
AFAIK liteon drives( firmware) have built-in support for rpc reset… is such not the case with sony ???

I’m moving this thread to the BenQ forum (all DRU-810A threads should go in the BenQ forum and not in LiteOn/Sony).

There is currently no region-free firmware for the 810A. Because BenQ firmwares can’t be dumped, no region-free firmware can be made until an update for this drive shows up. In the meantime, conversion of a 810A into a 1640 would be your only course of action if you desperately need RPC1 (or a software workaround solution might cut it…)

ya can’t use omnipatcher or ltnpatcher with this since it’s a benq 1640 rebadge

use DVD43 from
it works for me, you don’t need rpc1