Region Free firmware wanted (Split from: Suggestions and Feedback for Samsung)



Hey guys,

I need some help/advice. I’ve got a samsung se-s184M usb dvd burner with lightscribe and I’m trying to make it region free. From what I’ve been told there are a couple of ways. I’ve used it once for region 1 disks so there are 4 more tries. Forgive me but I’m a newbie at the setting of dvds for region free. I’ve got a XP pro enviro. to work with.

Any advice for me?



there is no RPC1 firmware for recent Samsung drives. Period.
So, you’ll have to stick with software solutions like AnyDVD (or buy a Liteon drive in addition).

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You can also use the free dvd43 for that. (


The softwares mentioned in replies are all for Windows. This same prompt has appeared on my Mac, with only 4 tries. Trial and error attempts would leave an unlucky someone with no tries left.
Any tips on where to find software for Mac to override regions?
thanks in advance


Hi and Welcome!

provided you have an older drive that is supported by MCSE or the Patch Utility, you can download and modify the firmware using a Windows environment. A virtual installation is sufficient for that job.

The modified firmware can then be flashed to the drive hardware using Samsung’s flasher for Mac. Please read the FAQ (see my signature) for details and don’t forget to check website for further information.

Of course, there is always a risk to kill the drive.

If you are into software only, then have a look at VLC. This software is not known for checking regional restrictions (but your OS might do that).