Region Free firmware for DVD

Firstly, i KNOW this is not the dvd forum, but barely anybody looks and posts there so i decided to post here since it is realted to firmware.

I have an AOpen DVD1640 PRO Slot-In Drive, and was wondering if anybody else has the model and has successfully updated its firmware to region free. If so, which firmware did you use and where can i get it? Also, is there anyway i can update the firmware in Window because i’m not that good in DOS and i dunno how to change to primary or whatever to get it working in DOS.

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i havent got ur dvd drive but u can get the firmware here
nb there is 2 models of ur drive AOpen DVD1640 PRO and a PRO-A version make sure u pick the right 1 also the pro versions name will be changed to a Pioneer DVD-105 which would be noticable if u had to take the drive in for repair and it may not be possible to flash it once it is broken

The DVD forums are brand new, give them a chance. I’m not going to move this though since this is firmware related.

Thanx for keeping this here, because i looked on the DVD Forum, and there are barely any posts there!

Anyway, i know about the site UNCOGNITO gave me, and i am sure that i have an AOpen DVDV 1640 PRO (no A) since i have firmware 1.13 for it. Has anybody successfully updated the firmware within Windows XP? I am looking for a program which is able to update the firmware in a windows environment.
Thanx in advance:)

Check this out.

Oh no ! I have a Aopen 1640 A. Still in the box, not installed yet. I see in this thread that my shiny new DVD player/readed is a dog when reading CDR media. Can a firmware update improve it’s performance in this regard?
If I can get rid of it, what is the recomendation for the best DVD to also use as a reader for burning programs and playing backed-up games ?