Region free firmware and GSA 4163B


As pointed out by some members in this community, a “beta” region free firmware for 4163B is available at

I wonder if any GSA 4163B owners have tried that yet? Please post your experience if you have tried it. Thanks :slight_smile:

LOL, I tried on LG 5163 D. Actually I tried everything under LG 4163…thinking they might be the same drives. I connected via USB.

The flashing shows no progress…maybe you can try and post some comments.

Work ok :wink:

Hmm… Vant, can you eloborate a liltle on the patching process? Is it similar to pacting the drive with the original firmware …? i.e. you see a GUI, press flash, then reboot after flashing? And Vant, may i know if you have burned any DVDs after flashing to RPC1, and tested the discs that you have burned (e.g. a read scan using nero dvd speed, or a PIE / PIF scan using drives like BENQ 1620 or lite on)?

Looking forward for your reply :wink:

p/s: I have yet to try anything with the drive as I just got the drive last week, and I am busy with work this week… :frowning:

I have flashed my LG with the RPC1 firmware, it worked, though my experience might be a bit different from the rest… Before the flash process, I had dvd idle pro running, and I did not close it. I did close other apps like burning programs, NAV … I even disconnected my network connection.

Flashing process with the rpc1 firmware is the same as the one using the official firmware. Everything went well and i rebooted. After the reboot, software like dvd info pro and alcohol 120 shows my LG as region free, but windows xp and dvd idle pro claims the drive is still rpc2, and i have 2 changes left!

Actually the problem was caused by the fact that i did not close dvd idle pro before flashing. After I closed down ALL my apps and rebooted again, this time, every single tool that i have, and winxp shows the drive as region free :slight_smile:

I believe that it is safe to say that with the firmware and dvd idle pro, i have beaten all 3 portions of region protection… Haven’t have time to do any test burns tho…

Anyone know what the ‘auto reset’ feature refers to?

RPC2 firmware where the number of “User Changes” and “Region Setting” snap back to the pre-flashing settings every time you cycle the power on the drive.

This effectively gives you an infinite number of region changes, without all the software BS required by an RPC1 firmware. For more info try Google, or a search on

Brother Vlad