Region Free Firmware 1.09 for PX 716A


Thanks for the patched files, I see here there is a V1.06 and Plextor is now upto V1.09.

What sort of time is there for seeing the patched ones here updated?


Did you want to answer to something? :eek:

I’m guessing this is what you are looking for. Keep checking and TDB will probably release it soon.:slight_smile:

i’m waiting for this too.

Thanks !

Harry Potter was right :slight_smile:


I was talking about this Update
V1.06 Only

Not Harry Potter. I am the Dark Lord! :smiley:

Does this work?

I haven’t tested yet.

403 forbidden

sorry for being a N00b, but what’s the point of a regionfree firmware, cause you still need software running in the bg for it to work
why not just run anydvd, or the free dvd43?
are there any pros for the firmware thing?

Yes, you don’t need a software application anymore (you can switch regions as many times as you want). But then again, software apps like AnyDVD can also decrypt DVD discs and make them region-free so personally I see no advantage of using a region-free firmware. Also, using an unofficial firmware version may void your warranty so I would never recommend using one.

Hmmmm, this site may prohibit access from overseas… (ACL settings of .htaccess?)

Following URL may be available.
(I’ll delete it within several days).

Anybody cant get it, I uploaded it here
(Hotlink prevention dont click, copy and paste into browser)

I hate programs running in the background, and like to use Smartripper, PowerDVD can be reset, so no problem.

As far as I know the firmwear is the same with just a few bytes changed for region’s, you can always flash it back if its under guarantee…

the 1.09 RPC1 is on the DB homepage

tested on my drive; works flawlessly