Region free DVD burning Using TMPGEnc

I’m using this TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress and there a part there that asks you the Standard template NTSC or PAL. I wanted my project to be accessible by any region.What would you suggest for me to do.BTW, my project was converting vcd to dvd region free.

Thanks in advance.

The DVD will be region free in the sense of commercial regions: 1,2,3 etc. you still have to choose a format and that is what PAL and NTSC are.

Yep. This confusion between regions and format is widely spread.

Regions = commercial lock. Formats (Pal, Ntsc, Secam) = color/framing system.

Concerning formats, NTSC is widely accepted even in PAL appliances, the contrary is not true, most NTSC appliances will NOT play PAL discs.

As for regions, DVD Shrink (among other apps) can make your discs region-free.

OOOPs thank bros for your clarifications…

No problem :cool: