Region-free drive?

Hi all,

I just need a bit of advice please, I have some region 1 dvds but can’t unlock my dvd player so would like to make my dvd-rom region free. Its a Lite-on DVD +RW SOHW 822S, but i’m not sure where to go from there. I have searched a few pages but come up with very little.

Hope someone can help, or just let me know if its possible ^^

Thanks Alexgt40.

have a read here

or here
under sohw 832

it may be this firmware, but if i was you, i’d wait untill somebody that knows about lite-on firmware gives you the ok with it

& welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

Thanks, but it seems to make little to no sense to me, sorry. The thread seems to talk of changing it to record -r/rw from the usual +r/rw, but does that have anything to do with making it play different regions? Sorry for my ignorance or stupidity, but I’m new to all this. :slight_smile:

Cool, just seen the update to your post, i’ll see what others may know, thanks again though.

sorry, i’ve updated it


I’ve been doing a bit more reading and also wondered if I change my dvd-rom, will i also need to change Windows region, and all subsequent players? If so, how would I do that?

Thanks again ^^

that bottom link i gave you is to disble the region setting, run it and click disable, should work on any other lite-on

Sweets, cheers mate, just need some advice on the windows region lock and software lock. Which software would you recommend I should be using to view my dvd’s? Any favourites?

(By the way, atm i’m using InterVideo WinDVD 4)

i have powerdvd but it’s upto yourself, you’ve got windvd, it’s good enough.

to make dvd’s region free, i have anydvd from, they have great support & updates, also give clonedvd a try, also from slysoft :slight_smile:

For DVD playback, I personally recommend either
Media Player Classic
VLC Player
Both are free software, and I doubt, that these care about regional restrictions :bigsmile:


Awesome, thanks guys, I can see why CDFreaks is so cool. If i’ve got any probs I know where to come ^^

Ps I have VLC also, but think its a little cheap looking, but useful for all playbacks.

LtnRPC easily free’s the drive from regioning.