Region free disc with Nero recode

I am trying to create a copy of my PAL region 2 disc into a region free disc that will play on any dvd player (or most) in the USA. Does Nero recode create a disc that will allow mo to do that? Has anyone had any positive experience removing the region code from a movie enabling it to be viewed in region one area? Can it be done?
Any help or feedback would be very much appreciated.

Use AnyDvD.

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I tried ANYDVD and the resulting disc would not play in any of my DVD players. I got a message of “cannot play due to area limitations” which I assumed to mean the same as incorrect region code.

AnyDVD has to be running - check that you´ve installed it correctly. Should work. Done it before myself - thought it was running but it wasn´t - and when it was cool managed to convert US NTSC to European PAL with no problems.

Do you want to kept it as a Pal dvd? Pal is not very well supported in North America. You might have to rip the dvd as a pal using AnyDvD which will make it region free to your harddrive. Then use a program like Digital Media Converter and convert your pal image ( Which is region free ) to ntsc format so you can burn it and then play it.

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