Region free apparently doesn't mean region free

Hey all,

Well, I have the Lite On LDW 851S which has been flashed to the latest firmware and yesterday, I ran software, (found on this site), to make my drive region free. When I run KProbe2, it tells me my drive is region free.

However, this morning I put a Region 2 disc in my drive and XP popped up the message that I could only change the region of my drive 1 more time, (which I elected to do of course to play the disc). Of course I am expecting my drive to explode in a million pieces the next time I put a different region disc into it. :slight_smile:

Have I missed something here? What on earth does region free mean then in this case?


Hope this helps:

Okay…I guess that solved the problem so thanks for that. :slight_smile: