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I live in the UK and I installed the DVD Region+CSS Free FREE TRIAL recently, so I could watch a R1 movie. I watched the film a couple of times But then I got a Region 0 DVD player as a gift and so, since I didn’t need it anymore, I uninstalled the DVD Region+CSS Free ‘free trial’. But then I tried playing my old R2 dvds on my pc with Nero7 and they would not play. The region counter said I have ‘one remaining’ but it hasn’t changed back to R2. I installed the DVD Region+CSS Free FREE TRIAL again to see what would happen and the R2 dvds did play. I don’t want to buy DVD Region+CSS Free, how can I get back the way it was with no DVD Region+CSS Free and able to play R2 dvds. Or have I just f***ed up my computer? I don’t think the region counter has locked on region 1 because it says I have one remaining. I don’t know what to do.


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What burner do you have as there might be some firmware for it that’ll overcome this problem?

I’m moving this thread to the Optical Devices forum as that’s the right place for it.


Actually, it’s more to it then just the firmware. :slight_smile:

For Lite-On DVDRW’s you can use this tool. :wink: