Region Coding not removed with Flash

i hope someone can help me with this… i’m having some trouble with my NEC 6750a drive. i flashed it about two weeks ago with the riplock + RPC1 firmware and it seemed to work fine for a couple of weeks. then last night i played a japanese dvd and it asked to confirm a region change… the “changes left” box said “1 change left” but was greyed out so i just clicked OK and thought nothing of it.

then later when i tried to play a different region dvd it wont allow playback using either WinDVD 4 or WMediaplayer.

i tried to use the NEC RPC2 reset tool but it says “no vendor reset needed” and all the other lines such as “current region” “user changes left” and “vendor changes left” all say N/A.

i ripped off the firmware i had installed. i unzipped the zipped file again (in case the one i used had somehow become corrupt) and flashed that on one (piece of cake by the way!), restarted my computer and it still wont play the dvd i want to play…


Either you don’t understand how RPC1 firmware works, or how to use/configure your deregioning software.

Brother Vlad

Thanx soooo much for the link Brother Vlad…

I think I would have to agree with you that I understand neither how the RPC1 firmware works or how to use/configure your deregioning software.

I will use the link you gave me to educate myself.

Feeling somewhat inferior!