Region coding help........!



Hi, i’m fairly new to all of this so apologies if this has already been covered 1,000,000 times…

I have an NEC DVD rewriter that is locked to region 2, i have been using Anydvd together with either Nero or DVD Shrink to back up DVD’s with great success

My free trial of Anydvd has come to an end and i was wondering if there was any other freeware out there that removes the region coding and will allow me to view / backup region 1 dvd’s on my computer

You all seem to know what your talking about so any help would be appreciated



Welcome Danbooms,

in my opinion this post from forum is a good start. I’ll move the thread to our Copy To DVD forum you’ll get more help there.



Thanks for that, was not sure where the best place to post it was but thought someone would know what to do…
Will take a look at the suggested link