Region Codes for NEC 3500 & Windows 2K

Just out of curiosity, I checked my device driver setting for the the NEC 3500 and it says that I have 1 change left for changing the region. My drive is currently using LD_V2Beta4. I thought this made the drive RPC1, which is region unlocked.

As I understand it, using an RPC1 firmware isn’t enough, as that only defeats the hardware aspect. What else do I need to do for the software aspect of it?

For a one-stop-solution, look for AnyDVD from Slysoft. There are other programs that do the same (DVDRegionFree and thelike), but personally I like AnyDVD the best. It’s working for over 2 years without problems on my system, no re-installs. The other programs didn’t have all the functionality they promise and don’t work without problems.

Correct, flashing a RPC-1 firmware is only half the job…

Try with RegionKiller or DVDGenie.