Region coded DVD movie

Hi…I just got a second hand DVD burner LG 5163D, but I do not have the manual or the software, so I m just using Nero burning ROM…well the question is that…I have a DVD movie with region code 2, and I want to copy this movie with another DVD code (4) to play it in my DVD player, is it possible to do that ? or is there a special software??

Thanks for helping…

DVDshrink or DVDdecryptor can remove the region code making the disk region free (0)
However if you have a PAL disc and want to view it on a different format (NTSC) your DVD player may not do that. Some DVD players will play multiple formats and some do not. Check the hardware forum on your DVD player.

Here is the link to the region free forum

try any dvd get it free a p2p network rather than the creators slysoft

stu not a good start read the forum rules. Any DVD is paid for software and what you suggest is illegal and against forum rules.