Region code stuck at "not set"

I have a LTD 163 GH4W but it will not play DVD movies. If you use the software “drive region info” it reports that the region code is not set, user 5 changes left, manufacturer 4 changes left and status=not set.
If I try to play a movie I get error code 8090000E-this region code does not match the DVD-ROM’s region designation(PowerDVD software).

Why is it stuck and can it be unstuck?


Download this tool, it will make your drive region free. If you run XP then set the program to Windows 98 compability mode.
And remember to thank Mango for that program :slight_smile:

Of course you could go into the device manager, select your DVD and choose your region there…

By the way, thanks Mango, just tried that tool and it works great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

the region will not change or allow to be chosen. If do in device manger it replies “unable to update region settings” and still 5 changes remaining

The software does not help either. The players(Power DVD etc) just won’t play the DVDs.

The DVDs work fine on the other DVD drives I have and this DVD player works perfect for everything else…but it won’t play movies and it won’t select a region.

Reinstalling frimware makes no difference either.:confused: