Region Code Setting



Hi all,

I just bought my first DVD rom drive Liteon 163. I noticed in the drive property (Windows XP) that there is a tab called "DVD Region". In there, it stated that I have not selected any regoin and still have five times left to change region.

Must I select a region? I previously bought 2 DVD movie. One can play and the other one can't. PowerDVD gave me the message someting like " invalid file format...".

Must I set a region? If so, why the other movie can play?

Thank you.


I’m not sure if the error you received is due to the region setting but you can try to make the drive region - free

Not all drives can be made region free
Just to say you were warned, it voids the warrantee and you could kill the drive if you screw up


Hey I just bought one too. 2 days old today and I am quite satisfied with it. Thanks to the community here.

I dunno if we have the same thing but mine is LTD163D. There is a D on mine.

I got this website from folks here. Let me look for it…

Here we are:
It will teach you how to remove the region checking.

And in this website you will find more things about DVDs and Regions:

Good luck!


Must I set a region code? Upon new installation, there was no region code being set.


You shouldn’t have to. My Pioneer works fine and I’ve had it hooked up to 3 differnent mobos and never set the regioin and never had a problem.


I believe that the pioneeer(the a103s i had anyway) uses an RPC jumper if you take the jumper off then the drive is locked at the region of the next disc that you play as for the region setting if you have a region free drive then it’s only the software that you have to worry about as that imposes a change limit also