Region Code Removal AnyDVD

hmm I’m rather confused after reading alot of posts about region codes with Anydvd. I am trying to duplicate a dvd I own for my brother who is overseas in the phillipines (region 3). I am in the USA (region code 1). The dvds are all region code 1. I assume I check both “Software region code” and “region code scripts” to be taken care of, but what do I do about the default region? I have seen some posts say that this default region doesnt matter as AnyDVD removes the region completely from the removal of “Software region code” and “region code scripts,” but other posts have said that you set this region to your own region that you are in or want to copy them. Still other posts have said u set the region to what the correct region of the disc that you are trying to copy is. I would like some clarification on this if you could so do that.


Leave everything to default (click “DEFAULT”) and you’ll be fine.