Region code problems

Hi, Guys,
I just downloaded an RPC-1 patch for my Toshiba DVD SD-c2612. And I successfully patched the DVD-rom and turned it into a region-free rom. But here comes a problem. The rom now only play the movies with no region code. It does not play region 1, 3, 4, 5. The computer just went dead when I played a region-coded movie. What’s the deal? Can anyone tell me? I am going crazy.


Are you using DVD Genie or Region Killer for the software counters?

Yes, I have regionkiller on when I play the movie with powerDVD. Does it matter?

Yes, you have to be using one or the other of those. What firmware was on your drive before the flash, and what is on it now? Do tools like DISC Info report the drive as RPC-1?

Before: firmware 1711
Now. Firmware X711
According to Drive Info, the rom is region free.
But it just cannot play any region-coded movie.
The DVD loads and reads, and then it stops. When I try to
get out of the program. It gives the blue screen saying the system is busy, something like that. And then it crashes.

Sounds like it’s time for a format and re-install and an installation of the latest patch for your DVD Player Software.