Region code on DVD-RW

I’ve burned some movies on DVD-RW on a region free writer.
Now my stand-alone DVD player won’t play it but states: check region code.
If I change my writer to region 2, will this code also be written to a burned DVD?
Is there any other way I can write that code to the DVD?:o

It doesn’t matter if your writer is region free if the movie you are copying isn’t. A region free writer can read every region, but it will write what it’s being told to. Removing region lock from a DVD-movie shouldn’t be too hard but I do not know how to. Maybe somebody else knows this.

The movie’s region is usually removed when ripping.

Sorry to disturb you guys but I was wondering how to prevent my DVD burner from locking. Nothing has happened as yet but i have been told that if i continue to burn a certain region it will lock to that region. can you help? :confused:

I replied to the thread that you started.