Region code locked?


I am having some depressing issues with my computer. It is an Averatec and it has a Slimtype COMBO SOSC-2483K dvd player in it. It only plays DVDs, and doesn’t burn them (as far as I know). Well, before now, I was always able to play my Region 3 DVDs and suddenly, the damn thing decides that it’s had it. I checked the system and I was surprised to find that I can only change the region on the player a certain number of times before it will stop changing.

It’s kind of pissing me off because I just bought two new DVDs and I can’t watch them.

Is there some magic way to reset the number on my computer?

Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. :bow:

From a bit of Googling it seems you have a drive made by Lite-On. There is a region-free utility available for them here

You’ll probably also want to read this page about making your system region free. Or use Videolan to watch dvds, since it ignores region protections.

LtnRPC, one click and its done.