Region code issues



Ive been trying to burn a copy of Alpha Dog that was an AVI file converted to DVD with WinAvi Video Converter. I just went out and bought a new DVD player that will play burnt DVD’s, but it wont play the dvd because of the wrong region code.

Im using CloneDVD2 ver 2.9.01 and AnyDVD ver 6.07.0. Do I start AnyDVD before Clone or after…or does it even matter? Any pointers for the newbie. Thanks


Update anydvd to and clonedvd to
Anydvd should always run, you can see it on the red icon in the right lower corner.


I have upgraded both anydvd and clone dvd and Im still having region issues with a few of the converted movies. Is there any way to get rid of the region codes on a movie that has been converted from an AVi back to dvd format?

thank you


if it’s went from avi to dvd format i don’t think there will be any region code, as it’s probably been ripped from a dvd anyway, so it’ll had the region code


^ removed

oops, missed that out :bigsmile:


In both programs (AnyDVD & CloneDVD) you should be able to set your burning process to region Free which will be played in any player.