Region Code Help

I stupidly managed to use up all of my region code changes for my dvd drive on my acer 5020 laptop, and its now stuck on region 1. I downloaded AnyDVD, but it is showing an error when I try to play a dvd from a different region code.
does anyone know what I need to do, or how I can reset the region code for my DVD drive?
any help would be most appreciated,

cheers, Nige

I have read somewhere (I think it was PC Basics MAG) that if you download new firmware for your drive and/or updated firmware can reset your region count (sometimes).

Regards Gordon467

please post the anydvd version number (do not say latest or newest)

please post the exact error narration that you receive.

please post the drive model. there may be region-free firmware available for the drive which would eliminate the need for a software solution.

please be advised that unofficial firmware voids the warranty on the drive (if it’s still under warranty)

if anydvd continues to act strangely, try enabling anydvd’s safe mode and see if that helps.

please post the info above and we may be able to give you more detailed help

th error which comes up is 3.- your drive is region locked RPC2 drive, which does not allow reading of scrambled scetors from a different region .
known drives hving this probem are RICOH/PHLIPS DVD writers and Matshita/pasasonic DVD readers and writers.
you can try and find a RPC! patched firmware at

(The link doesnt work)

My drive model is : Pioneer DVR-K04RA

I downloaded Any DVD

It would be great if you could help


You cannot. Locked is locked.

But apparently some software can unlock it?