Region Code error



With AnyDVD running, I could play a region 1 DVD on a region 2 player on my computer with PowerDVD 5.0.

I then use CloneDVD to copy the full DVD to hard disk.
When I try to play the movie from HD, I get Region code protection error.

What am I doing wrong, please help! :bow:

/Dan, newbie


I mailed Slysoft about my problem, and 2 days later, I got an updatet version.
The version was, and it’s working.

A bit of AnyDVD History I got with the mail, 2003 08 28

  • added removal of Region Code Scripts (RCE), 2003 08 24

  • added support for Windows 95/98/SE/ME
  • added “Safe Mode” for people, who have problems
  • updated ElbyCDIO
  • more conservative startup to avoid crash
  • removed Pinnacle Driver check for better compatibility


I see only at slysoft. Are you able to mail me and

futureproof at cdfreaks dot com


just d/l it:



Can you mail me the files? If you’re not on broadband, that’s OK


Oops, sorry.
I already deleted 1616 ´cause of 1618 :wink:



I got 1618 but 1616 resolves to slysoft…how could you delete 1616?


That was easy:
right click on file -> delete. :wink:
No, I just thought that 1616 is not a winner because of 1618 in the pipeline, so I decided to go straight on to 1618.