Region Code and Format Question

Good Morning.
I have just joined your group, and I hope to learn much about DVD editing.
Here is my problem. I live in the US and have a region 1 standalone DVD player. I have a .iso image of a movie that I would like to burn to DVD. The movie appears to be from a different region, so I need to change the region code. In addition, when I open up the .ifo files, some formats are PAL, and others are NTSC. Since I have a region 1 player, it won’t play PAL.
Could someone please tell me the proper sequence to remove the region restrictions, change the formats to NTSC, and then burn, in the most efficient manner. Also, what software would you recommend. The more I research this on the net, the more confused I get. There is so much software out there using so many methods of decryption, that I don’t know where to begin.

Thank you so much for your help.


buy anydvd from and then forget about any region codes. dvddecrypter will burn iso’s, but the conversion from PAL - NTSC will lose quality, never used it before but i believe DVDsanta does this.

where did you get this ISO image from?

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Nope he’s talking about his standalone

I would install daemon tools or another virtual DVD drive onto your computer. Then open the ISO into the virtual drive then rip that virtual drive to file format using DVDFAB decrypter. This will remove all region codes and protection.

Also DVD players play both NTSC and Pal. It is just the region stopping you playing foreign disks. You dont need to convert it. I have a R2 PAL standalone and almost all my DVDs are mainly from america that are NTSC and they play fine.

Also I am assuming and thus hope the ISO of a movie you have is taken from a backup of a movie you currently own. You wont get no help from anyone on the site if it is not as it is not allowed on the site to discuss piracy.

dam, missed that, still got a hangover :frowning:

you may be able to make your player region free, try looking here and search for you player

Also for burning There are a few.

I have used Nero 6 (avoid 7) and i now currently use VSO’s CopyToDVD.

Just use DVD video creator to burn the files outputted from DVDFAB decrypter in the right format for standalone DVD players.

Please note that same DVD players will not play PAL discs and some will not play NTSC discs. I know that most R2 players will play NTSC discs and yes, it is just the region code part that needs to be addressed.

However, a lot of Region 1 NTSC players sold in the North American market will not play PAL format, and even if they do, a lot of TV sets won’t display it correctly!!

Again in Europe, most TV sets will display NTSC video no problem.

The biggest question is where did the ISO’s originally come from???

It’s not really a help but damn those legislators in the U.S. The player manufacturers tried the same region locking mumbo-jumbo on us in Australia. It went to court and they lost.
The consequence is that all players sold here are either region free or have a known bypass code. Nearly all tvs sold in the last 10 years also play any video format.
I bought a region one dvd from ebay…got it in the post, popped it into my player and, hey presto, film played- no problemo! Why do Americans put up with so much crap?

God i envy you Aussies then.

I had to go to a special shop and pay extra to have mine Region free.

I wish someone would do the same here in the UK just as a tester case.

Well Anthony…you can get the powers that be to do just that. You need a few people to start writing to your consumer complaints authority and use the Australian case as a precedent. Remember Aussie law was originally an offshoot of British justice…Australian lawyers still quote British precedents…why can’t you?
Look at this link:
The article therein refers to play station modding but also refers to the High Court’s DVD case.
Good luck…If enough of you write you might get the ball rolling.

p.s. Why did you pay for your region free mod? In my experience, it’s just a case of typing a code into your remote and, hey presto, region free. There’s no chip or circuitry modification required.

Thats only on some drives that allow this. As I looked before buying but could not find a DTS home theatre system with a workable remote hack so had to pay for a physical hack to get mine.

Thank you all for taking the time to reply to my question. I appreciate the help.
I am not sure where the ISO file is from. A friend gave it to me on disk and asked if I could re-constitute it back into a movie. I have never done anything like this, so this is a whole new experience for me.

I don’t know what region it is from, but it is not the US since after turing the iso into a DVD, I get a “probihited from playing due to region restrictions” error on my DVD player.

This leads me to my next question. DVD Fab need to know the region the disk is from before it can remove the restriction. How do I find this out? I do have Ifoedit. Would that work?

Many thanks


normal DVD decrypter or Anydvd trial would do this.