Region B Blu-rays and Computer CD-ROM Drives



I have a question about Region B locked Blu-rays and computer CD-ROM drives. I know that I can’t play Region B Blu-rays on US Blu-ray players unless the player is modified to read Region 2 discs. Can I assume that they can be read on ANY computer running a recent Windows version (with Windows media player) and has a CD-ROM drive that is Blu-Ray capable or is there some other limitation such as an additional software package that is needed for Windows (such as a different media player)? Thanks.


Region locks will affect Blu-ray drives if you use authorized software to play the original discs on your computer. Normally you can only change the region code 5 times.

However, you can try an unauthorized player, like the Leawo Player. It is free to download and use, and has an unlimited number of times you can change the region code.

The Leawo Player is not bad, but sometimes it can’t handle the menus very well. In those cases, it will generally just start on the main movie.

Another solution is to buy a background decrypter, like AnyDVD HD or DVDFab Passkey for Blu ray. Then play the movie in PowerDVD or one of the free players, like the Leawo Player or Media Player Classic Home Cinema. This last one has no menu support at all, but as a general rule, is one of the best free players for trouble free rendition of the main movie.