Region 2

Have tried this Code to unlock my Region 2 Samsung HT-ds100b 5.1 Home Theatre DVD Player.
eject any dvd’s then:-

  1. turn off player (at the wall) wait 30 secs til completely powered down
  2. turn power back on
  3. use remote to turn player on and wait for it to power up (will likely show DVD on the display)
  4. Press “Enter” on the remote
  5. press in sequence " 8, 4, 2, 6, 9 " on the remote
  6. then press “Enter” on the remote again

"dvd player turn itself off, I powered it up again and it will not play any of my DVD disk. I tried VCD Disks and this plays.
All disks played befor I changed the code.
Please help.

From google, I’ve read that newer versions of the Samsung don’t support this method. The ‘9’ at the end of the number sequence is supposed to represent ‘region free’, so you could try the sequence again replacing the ‘9’ with ‘2’ to represent the original region. If this doesn’t help then it’s probably a dealer job.