Region 2 to Region 1

I bought a copy of a region 2 DVD not available in Region 1 format in NA. I figured I’d just rip a regionless copy of it and carry on. I have tried using AnyDVD in conjunction with DVDShrink and DVDDecrypter, but while I’m use to seeing RCE protection notices come up and to have that dispensed with the status page is saying that the media is locked to Region 2. Any copies I’ve made so far will not play on my DVD player.

this is what I see:

Summary for drive E: (AnyDVD
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 1
Total size: 2196112 sectors (4289 MBytes)

Video DVD (or CD) label: DVDVolume
Media is not CSS protected.
Video Standard: PAL
Media is locked to region(s): 2!

RCE protection not found.
DVD structure appears to be correct.
Structural copy protection not found.
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Bad sector protection not found.
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 2!

I want to strip the code that locks the DVD (and copies) to region 2 and create a regionless copy. Can anybody help with this?

Presumably our DVD player handle PAL as all you’re doing is removing any region coding , not converting the TV format?

It depends what you’re burning with. I guess something like Nero would just copy the region info that’s present.

I’d rip with DVD Decrypter which would clear the region code restriction.

use anydvd and dvd shrink and when u come to burn settings tick reigon free box that way u will be able to play it anywhere!!! :smiley:

the DVD Shrink/AnyDVD combination isn’t doing it. neiother is DVD Decrypter, again in combination with AnyDVD. The Region 2 disc once copied with these combinations is still coming out unplayable in my DVD player. The DVDs play fine on my region free stuff, but not on my DVD player, so the region blocks are not being removed. Any more suggestions?

Perhaps you could try DVD genie at ?

I will definitely try something different if necessary. I’m just perplexed.

I have a region 2 dvd and I want to make a copy that will play in a region 1 player. Seems like it should be easy. Also seems like anydvd and DVDdecrypter should both automatically remove the coding that locks the dvd into a region 2 format. Am I missing something? Are there settings that need to be changed in anydvd or DVD decrypter or DVDShrink that will allow me to do this? When I look at the background stuff it seems like the default is already set to remove what I want removed. My DVD player is fine but whatever copies I make from the region 2 discs prompt the message saying they can’t be played in my player. They do, however, play fine on my computer.

I’m getting a little frustrated. Can someone break down what needs to be done here? Thanks.

Have you tried playing the dvd on a friend’s standalone device ?

Hi again ,
I live in a region 2 part of the Globe where we have [B]PAL[/B] system . Region 1 uses [B]NTSC[/B]. Maybe this could explain that ? Does’nt DVDShrink offer the choice ? I’ m by far an expert but I hope I can help .
Cheers :cool:

Shouldn’t make much of a difference - they sell multi-region standalone DVD players, so pal/ntsc really shouldn’t be an issue. After all, r2 covers all of Europe, which is PAL and Secam…

Decoder software isn’t pal/ntsc specific either…

Have you tried ripping with DVDFAB Decrypter? Use that in combination with DVD shrink (again, check that you set it to region free). Um, is your reader rpc1?

I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens. I don’t want to have to download too many programs. I know they sell regionless DVD players, but since my home and portable DVD players are both ergion 1, and I almost never get region 2 dvds (I only bought 2 because they were unavailable in NA) I see no reason to replace my hardware.

Fanaudi, I can play it on any region free player no problem, and yes, I’m aware of the difference in formats, which is why I’m trying to burn a copy from the original (which I own) in the first place. I might try DVD genie along with DVD fab and see if they work.

Any other suggestions about programs or settings appreciated too. Perhaps a clarification is in order. With what I have been using so far, anydvd, dvd decrypter, dvdshrink, am I removing a protection on the form of a region block, or is it actually changing the format to make it playable in region 1. I’m a bit unclear on this point. Thanks.

You’re merely removing any protections & making the DVD region free. Nothing in this process converts PAL to NTSC.

:cool: Hi again ,
Just a stupid question : you are using a video dvd , aren’ t you ( not a data ) ?
Cheers . :slight_smile:

fanaudi, I’ve successfully burned over 1000 DVDs. Yes, I’m quite sure it was an actual DVD. lol.

I just have no experience dealing with converting region 2 to region 1. I’m just wondering now whether the DVD format can be converted or whether the only solution is to have a region free DVD player.

It’s not a region 1/2 problem , as I keep pointing out. Everything you’re doing is making it region free. The important difference between videos available in Region 1 & Region 2 is the TV coding. Region 2 are PAL, region 1 are NTSC. Unless you have a DVD player/TV combination that can automatically play or convert PAL to NTSC , or vice versa, then there isn’t too much that can simply be done.

There is a “patch” method that might fool the DVD player into thinking that the DVD is in fact NTSC. It’s always worth a try. Read about it here .

:iagree: Ah , comming back to [B]Pal Ntsc[/B] . Very interesting and instructive , Tim ! It’s indeed a problem of converting [B]PAL [/B] to [B]NTSC [/B] . I just wonder if Talion’ s reader can recognize the [B]Pal [/B]format . In my humble opinion , the problem is definitely caused by your reader , Talion . It’ s not a question of ripping . You could have your reader region unlocked or just buy a new one for the price of a few pennies . Of course , the question is : is this worth it just for ripping a few exotic dvds ? :slight_smile:

Tim, thank you, that’s just the info I was looking for. I did grasp your point the second time you mentioned it, but I just didn’t know what to do about it. That’s very helpful.

Do you have a link to the longer, actuasl conversion process as opposed to the patch? I’m not sure what they call the method, and search brings up too many irrelevant hits.

There are all sorts of guides on , but maybe this one might be the most useful.

As several people have noted here, it’s because your DVD player does NOT support PAL standard. There is NO easy way to fix this. A complicated way exists check out for the way in the guides. I doubt that you will be able to do this if you do not even know what PAL & NTSC are. No offense.

Buy a multi- format player for the easiest & best solution. APEX & SAMPO make good ones. Check out the website for specifics.

Hi all

I have an interesting question. I use CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. Movies in Australia are encoded region 4 and some are dual or quad zone.

When i insert a dvd Anydvd shows me the region it is but always mentions “is locked to region #”. Is this just and indicator of what its locked to, as i thought anydvd removes all region coding so it be region free.

Can anyone verify this?


This would have been far better posted into the AnyDVD forum as it really has nothing to do with this thread.