Region 2 DVD's


I copied my region 2 Travis DVD to try and get my American friend interested in the band. I used DVD decrypter to take away the region codes because I thought that it would then work on any DVD player in the world. I then burned it using Nero. It didn’t work and I was wondering if it’s the American DVD player giving the problem or the TV she’s playing it on ???

Any help would be great.

It could be a problem caused by PAL/NTSC. NTSC is used in North America which PAL is not.

The problem could also be caused by her DVD player if it is unable to read burned DVD’s

does your friend have a pc, then cant she watch it on there where both are supported?

if its More Than Us - Live in Glasgow then thats avaulable in NTSC format from amzon.COM anyway

its on amazon CLICK HEAR to have a look

otherwize you could try using nero recode (part of nero 6) to encode into mp4, just select everything including menus and subs etc to be put onto the mpeg-4 file, make the file like 4gb and the quality will be lossless and (this will take about 1/2 hour) then burn back onto dvd using nerovision express, that mite work takes about 3 hours)

Okay thanks Guys, I thought it might be the PAL/NTSC thing, I know it’s on but I just bought it region 2 and didn’t want to buy it again when she might hate it. Her PC just has a Cd-rom, time to upgrade me thinks.