Region 2 DVDs

i’ve been waiting for the second season of a British series, Life On Mars (after the David Bowie song) for what seems like 8 months now on BBC-America. i kno it has shown in the UK, but no one has released it on DVD either. they have however released the first season on DVD, but it is Region 2. if they released season 1, then they must intend to release season 2. so i was going to buy season 1 and sit back and wait some more, because i think BBC-America has abandoned this show, if it showed in UK last year. it was only intended to be a limited run show of two seasons, about a cop who gets in a car accident, ends up in a coma, and finds himself in 1973. great premise for those of us who were adults, or nearly adults (like myself) during that time. anyway, i have a LiteOn LVW 5006 i got on eBay for $70, which i happen to have the unhacked and hacked firmware for, that looks like new, (the seller said it was part of an estate and was hardly used.) i only use it for transferring copyguarded VHS tapes, and situations like the one i am describing. the DVDs of the first season of Life On Mars are Region 2, but that hack made the unit region free didn’t it? my question is the TV. does it have to be PAL/SECAM too, because mine of course is not. it is a standard 32" JVC. or do i just need the region free hack?:eek:

Making it region free on LiteON dvd recorders is as simple as

  1. Press SETUP on the remote control
  2. Move the cursor to EXIT (on the menu)
  3. Using the numeric keys, enter 2960
  4. Select Region “0” from the menu
  5. Restart machine, the player will now be region-free

This will play Region 2 DVDs your tv should be fine, as the dvd recorder is what matters it should still output as ntsc.