Region 2 dvds (Philips DVP5990 - DVD player)

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVP5990 - DVD player. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I got the hack codes off the web to reset my Philips DVP 5990 dvd player to region 0. I have been watching dvd’s from the UK for the last month.

I now have one dvd that will not play. The player says “title” but nothing happens. I was watching this dvd and advancing through the scenes and came to the end of the episode and hit the scene advance arrow button one time too many. It went back to the beginning of the dvd and had giant pixels and was skipping all over . I ejected the disk and restarted it.

I now had no sound and English subtitles. I stopped it and restarted it and now I get nothing.

My other dvd’s work fine. What did I do and how can it be fixed? Can it be fixed or do I have to buy another set to get disk 3 again?


Perhaps this one is damaged? Have you tried making a copy? You would need a dvd burner in your computer. If it does have some problems, you may not be successful in copying the disk.

If you need instructions on copying it let us know.

It shouldn’t be damaged. It was playing fine. I was hitting the forward arrow key skipping through the scenes and punched it a couple of times too many past the end of the last scene.

The player itself shows “title” but the title menu won’t come up. the dvd now starts up distorted and jumps to the middle of one of the episodes without any sound and English subtitles. None of the buttons on the remote work with this disk anymore.

This really chaps me. It’s the disk with two of my favorite episodes!!!

I don’t have any way of making a copy. It’s a region 2 dvd and my computer dvd burner will only play region 1.


You can bypass the region problem with AnyDVD. Download the trial, let it run, then try playing the disk on the computer. See if it plays there ok in VLC media player.

You can make a region free copy using AnyDVD +DVDShrink.

But I’m not sure why your player is going crazy with this one disk.

Thanks for the info. I may try to return the set as it is less than a month old. We shall see about Anydvd.