Region 1 to region 2

I live in Canada, have a car that has been imported from Japan. It does not play any music cd’s, i figured because it plays region 2 format. Where can i get software that will allow me to burn music in region 2. Thanks

I think I will have to disappoint you a little. Region coding was newer applied to CD, it was only for DVD.
The problem could be that you have mp3 songs and player will play only wav( regular CD).

ok thats helpfull thanks, however these are cd’s i bought at hmv? any ideas

If that is the case. It is quite possible that the car player is MP3 player and it will not play CD with wav files. That what they are if you bought them in store.
You can try to rip some and convert and burn mp3 format on CD to see if that will work.
Look at the face of the player, if you see any making like MP3 drive?
Usually North American car player will play wav and some of them mp3 also, but since this came from Japan, who knows what they put in.