Region '0' DVD will not play in standalone player

I purchased a dvd from ebay and it plays in my computer but not in my normal dvd player. It says on the box, region 0 pal, all regions. Is there any way of changing this?

It would appear that you’ve possibly bought an illegal copy.

What region are you in?

The DVD player probably doesn’t like PAL discs, as they’re meant for Europe, not the USA. Computers, however, could care less about video standards, so it works there just fine. DVD Santa seems to be the most recommended program for full PAL -> NTSC conversions, you could rip the DVD to your computer with DVD Decrypter, then re-encode it to NTSC with DVD Santa. Watch out during that ripping phase though, lots of bootleg DVDs I’ve run into (it sounds like this might be one?) have experienced slowdowns or completely unrippable sections.