Region '0' doesn't work in home theater



I’m getting a little exasperated with this one… The disk is called “Delius”… it’s a Ken Burns thing I got from a friend in England. It’s coded with region “0” which is supposed to make it globally OK but it doesn’t work in ANY home theater DVD player (I’ve tried three different ones) but works fine on the PC. My Sony home unit comes up with an “AREA” fault no matter HOW I try to copy this thing. I’ve used ANYDVD and XCOPY, or CLONE DVD2, or NERO RECODE. CLONE won’t even make a copy because it sees APS although the others don’t seem to care (or else ANYDVD is only doing a so-so job of removal)…
HOW do I get this on to a disk I can plug into the theater system???


Obvious question but I’ll ask anyway, did you try setting AnyDVD to your region?