"Regeneration" feature

Is the default setting of the “Regeneration” feature after installing CloneCD always setting off? (unchequed)

From the helpfile it is recommed to use this option.


Yes, the default setting is off on recent versions. Olli explained in another thread that it usually isn’t necessary and just slows down the read.

If required, you can always enable it by creating a custom profile.

From the CloneCD FAQ on this forum:

Q Regenerate Data Sectors is not checked in the default profiles
A Olli - It was checked on the initial CloneCD 4 release, but it was disabled by default in later releases. Regenerate Data Sectors needs a lot of CPU power and is usually not needed if you copy from an original disc. It can be helpful if you need to backup a backup (we don’t do this, don’t we?)

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[B]From the CloneCD FAQ on this forum:


Thanks a lot all for your answer.

CloneCD FAQ url is not working?

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CloneCD FAQ url is not working?

works for me…you got a pop-up killer maybe? Links in posts spawn a new browser window :wink: