Regarding the NEC DVD+RW ND2100AD

Hi guys,

hoping someone may be able to help. My dad (bless him) is trying to backup his DVDs through Shrink & Nero, and has been having many problems, whereas when i use it all is sweet. We have managed to get him to a point where he has now successfully burnt twice to +RWs but for some reason cannot burn to +R.

His burner is different from mine, and we also live in England/Australia respectively so i can’t pop round and have a look for him, so i was wondering if anyone here was familiar with his burner and this issue at all?

Also, about Shrink. At times, the option to select to Burn to Nero (as opposed to the harddrive or ISO [?!?]) vanishes. Any ideas about this? He’s currently using Nero6 Demo, whereas I use Nero5.

Thanks in advance.

but for some reason cannot burn to +R - suggest a firmware update if available. or try a different brand of dvd+r