Regarding the burning speed for liteon 1673s

hi just like to ask is that why liteon 1673s can only burn dvdr on speed at 6x or 8x even the disk is rated to burn at 1x - 4x i like to know why i cant burn at lower speed??? and i using the latest firmware JS05.

Remarks:My original drive is teac 516GB which is flash to liteon 1673s.


I can only burn MCC 4x media at 4x speed with JS05.
Tell us the media code of the discs you use and what burning app you are using.

the media code is YUDEN000 T02 and using nero version it show supported speeds is 8x -6x but media should only be able to support 1x - 4x which it show on the disc itself pls help…

load this firmware:

into MCSE:

and change the writespeed for the mediacode your discs are. then save the file and apply it.

your drive can NOT burn @speeds lower than 4x!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that “YUDEN000 T02” is 8x DVD+R media. The 4x media would be “T01”. If I’m right, your burner is correct in saying it will burn at 6x or 8x.