Regarding nero cd/dvd speed test

if i burn an 8x media on 4x and i want to check the disc quality … should i do test @ 4x or 8x or max ?

and what should i do if i burned 8x media @ 8x !

and if i dont what are the possible outcomes on diff speed scans

Scan speed is related to the burner used for the scan, because different burners use different methods to do scans

With liteon you should use 4x, with benq 8x, with nec 5x.

Testing speed does not vary based on the burn speed. Benq burners are ‘supposed’ to be used to test at 8x, NEC - choose 5x, Liteon - choose 4x. Your burner is a rebadged Liteon, so test your discs at 4x, regardless of burn speed. These are the generally accepted ‘stadards’ for test speeds.

thanks and what does the benchmark test tells , the green and yellow line

In simple terms, if all values are in green then errors are acceptable; when you see yellow or red lines is because errors are too much; usually if I obtain a disc with yellow or red lines I get rid of the disc (but I’m rather picky)

Sounds like you are talking about the transfer rate test, it displays the speed at which the drive is reading the disc. The horizontal line would be the physical speed that the disc is spinning, the diagonal line would be the speed that the data is being read off of the disc. An ideal test would be one where the read speed increases at a constant rate without large speed dips in the test. Large dips or a premature ending of the test typically is an indication of a poorly burned/damaged disc, while a smooth test indicates a well burned disc that is easily read.

okay , another wierd thing happeend … i was unable to do a disc quality scan uptill now …(function not supported by device error) was using nero 6.16 ultra(and the tool w/ it was old version) ! downloaded this new one 4.10 and i can disc quality scan now ! is this normal ?

What burner do you have?

He ha a Sony DRU800 a rebadged Liteon (not sure which model). You probably had an older version of CD-DVD Speed before that did not recognize/support your drive for testing, that’s all.

thxn scoobie i thought the same … but what if i test @ 8x … will it miss out ? or provide bad results or better ?

thats what i exactly wanted to know :slight_smile:

It will be more variable, sometimes turning out better and other times worse. The speed to test if you want repeatable, comparable results, is 4X for your burner, asuming it is a Liteon as suggested above.

thanks , since i only insert disc and do a disc quality ! my image is a diff from some of you guys …

my green line is straight while most of the others have a green but zinzag and there are no line at all on the below graph on the other ppl there is a puple zigzag on the below graph ! you can check the maxell sshot i posted there
so what is that all about :s

The scan you linked looks good, just keep in mind that Ritek G05 has given some people problems down the road, so retest some of your discs every now and then to see if they have held up or if they are deteriorating. The main thing you want to look at in your scans is the PIF totals and max levels, yours are both fine. The green line in the test is the read speed, a few dips during the Disc Quality Test is not a concern, the dips I was speaking of were in Transfer Rate tests.

how come i dont have any purple thing which lot of other ppl had ! (jitters maybe?)
what does they do ? and i also see PIE errors … whats the # on which you can have and which might kill you !

yes i`ve read about the ritek05 problems i hope myne dont die :frowning: but ill keep scanning one two of them over months :stuck_out_tongue:

Most drives can’t test Jitter, just consider yourself lucky that your drive can test PI/PIF (alot can’t even do that). PI levels are not a big concern, PIF levels are what to be concerned with. You can have PI levels 10 times yours and if the PIF levels are ok, the disc will likely work fine.

Here is a link to a thread about PI/PIF testing if you want to know more about them.