Regarding mail-in rebates

The thread on Verb DLs mentioned that NewEgg is good about listing prices before rebates, and while I think this is laudable, I think it’s also because they don’t want to run afoul of Connecticut’s rebate law. That state has outlawed the advertising of prices that are not the in-store prices, and I think it’s not a bad idea for people in other states to write their representatives and suggest similar legislation.

I did this a few weeks ago with both of my Oregon representatives, giving them this link to the CT AG’s opinion on Black Friday sales.

If lawmakers see an example of a law that has already passed and works, they may be more inclined to support similar legislation locally. Both my senator and my representative got back to me within a week saying they’d consider the idea. Now, whether it goes anywhere is another story, but I’d like to think enough people pushing for such mandates could change laws in enough states that MIR crap would go away.

As a side note, the CT law does not outlaw MIRs, simply advertising them in pricing, so the business lobby’s argument that they’re being deprived of a key competetive advantage is moot.

I suspect this thread will get moved, but bargain hunters are certainly the sort who want to see MIRs gone, and it would be cool to see what a few determined people could do.

Best of luck!

Do you mean that the law makes it so they cannot advertise rebates and after rebate price, or just that they must give the before rebate price?
I really thing we should work on legislation against the buisness practices of the rebate houses. rebates used to be reliable. Sure many went unclaimed because you forgot or something. But if you sent it properlly, you would get it. Now, even if you send it properlly, its a gamble if you get it and you may have to fight to get it. They intentionally deny properlly submitted rebates to keep below the quotas they promised and that is criminal as far as I am concerned.
You are defanatlly right though, there needs to be some reform with laws governing rebates and there has to be some ramifications against rebate houses that defraud. I dont care if you finally pay the rebate after several corespondences from the consumer, if you rejected a legitamate rebate submission, its fraud. they also need to hold the stores to higher acountability and then they will stop the games.

I believe they can advertise there is a rebate, but they cannot say what the price is after rebate. The only price they can list is the one you pay at the checkout. Incidentally, this means that most of the nationwide MIRs are given as instant rebates. Check out a few national circulars, and a couple will say in fine print at the bottom, “Instant rebate in CT.”

the purpose of a rebate is to scam the buyer out of savings
there should be laws to make them illegal altogether
and the term rebate should be criminalized
the out of door price should be the only price allowed to be advertised

I liken rebates to coupons, which should be outlawed as well. Nothing worse than being in a checkout line behind someone with a fistfull of coupons.
If they can discount to people who take time to clip coupons, or submit rebates, why don’t they simply lower the price for everyone?
Rebates seem to be a means of getting rid of soon to be discontinued models, and using someone elses money for 8 to 12 weeks interest free.

No, mail in rebates are a way of suckering people in with a low price, knowing good and well that not everyone is going to cash in on them (rebates operate on the premise that 50% of the people won’t return them). So rebates are an easy way to increase the quantity of sales without having to lose all of the money from an instant rebate. I’m with you in that I don’t much care for them unless it is a good deal to begin with, but from a business standpoint they do make a lot of sense.

I have to admit that I also have been skeptical about some rebates. I bought a matched set of 2X1Gig CorsairXPS Ram on Newegg. It was 178.00 with a 50.00 Mail in Rebate. So the final price was 128.00 ( free shipping) for the RAM. As soon as my build was done I mailed it in. I waited and waited and waited, I really thought they beat me. Then much to my surprise 13 weeks later I recieved a check for 50.00USD, here is the part they don’t tell you, the check is only good for 30 days, after that it cannot be cashed. Of -course I deposited it immediately.

Well, I should contribute that Trend Micro has so far managed to screw me out of my $45 rebate. I sent all the things required by the Best Buy guidelines, scanned them and made copies, then sent them off. One of the things included was the UPC code from the box. The first time, they lied and told me “we received no UPC,” which I got on the phone and talked to them about for a long time, telling them they lied, as I read the code from the box. They told me I had to resubmit. :a I did so and sent them the copies of everything I did before, plus another letter and the alternative proof of purchase flap from the top of the box. Needless to say they “denied” me again and *lied" again. :a Trend Micro had been “automatic” before this year on honoring rebates. I still need to write the TM President and see if I get any honesty and satisfaction there (I seriously doubt it after all that bunk). I have the address in MN and will have to write, but I will likely send it registered or certified, or whichever option forces only him to sign off to receive it and makes sure he gets it.

Sadly, given my “new” experience with rebates, I’m forced to agree that rebates can be scams and only used by the retailer to commit fraud, to otherwise cheat the customer out of money, where the customer complied with all the conditions in good faith. :a

If anybody ever has a valid rebate declined for a Newegg purchase, contact their Customer Service. They credited my CC in the amount of a declined rebate earlier this year. :slight_smile:

Like I said, Newegg has always been very good with rebates, it was just that the one for my Corsair Ram took 3 months to get, but they did send it.

Yo alan-

Don’t know if you remember - but we bought the Corsair ram on the same Newegg sale-

I just got my $50 check yesterday-eh!

(btw - congrads on the new ‘Moderator’ promotion - y’all certainly deserve it - just keep your revision numbers streight-eh! :wink: )

Of coarse I remember, it took you 13 weeks also eh. For some reason we are always thinking alike. Tell the truth, didn’t you wonder alittle if this rebate would ever come? I did, I was pleasantly surprised when it finally came. Thanks for your kind words Mike on my Mod position.

I have had so many of these crap rebates “lost” that I have started to fax a copy of the complete submission in at the same time that I mail it, with a little note telling them that this way when they lose it the copy will already be there. I had a major go round with Seagate over a submission that kept being approved and then denied 4 times before they finally paid. So far the record is 18 months from back in the Office Max “free” rebate days.

Hm. I will make sure and do that (sending copies during the first submission), so they know I’m a step ahead. Good advice, Chas! :iagree: :bigsmile:

An old thread I started on this very issue…Stop This Rebate Madness
It looks like things haven’t changed much since then…

Let’s face it though, faxes get lost more often than MIR forms.


I disagree. I have gotten some really good deals from rebates.

To each their own.

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