Regarding DVD-R/RW Book Type

I would like to know if there are any of the latest DVD+/-RW drives that can change the Book Type of DVD-R/RW media to DVD-ROM? Does anyone know if any of the latest DVD+/- RW drives can rip DVD-R/RW and DVD-R DL media at DVD-ROM speed?

Liteon and BenQ will bitset as built. NEC needs special firmware. Pioneer 109 can do so with Bufallo firmware. LG 4163 can do +R only with writing software that will set each time.

Liteon and BenQ can rip. LG will not. Pioneer A09 will and the 109 needs to get the A09 firmware to do so. NECs up to the 3520 are slow and the 3550 and later are faster.

As to Plextor, BTC, Samsung, and Panasonic; ask specifically in their forums if you are for some reason attracted to one of their drives.

There’s no such thing as ROM book type in -R media. Although some less-informed folks will tell you it’s possible, it’s purely a software trick.
If you wish to read more on the topic, there’s a thread in the technical discussion forum.

This area on -R media is pre-recorded, better say pressed, and cannot be altered.
This were done for copy-protection things.