Regarding Disc Storage

Hi, this is something that has recently come to my attention regarding the storage of my DVDs. While I always keep my discs inside of either their original plastic cases, jewel cases, or paper sleeves, I also store the cases inside of cardboard boxes, specifically the corrugated kind available for shipping purposes.

I recently realized, however, that cardboard does indeed emit acid that can discolor and change paper and fabric over time, but I was told that other materials, or at the very least the polycarbonate plastic that discs are made out of, will not be affected.

I wanted to confirm whether or not this was true. I’ve put almost all of my discs into cardboard boxes, but I will remove them if there is indeed an actual threat to the longevity of the discs themselves. I am not concerned if only the paper sleeves will be negatively affected.

Thanks in advance for any attention given to this issue.

I can´t specifically comment on the effect of one particular type of cardboard on CDs or DVDs or how gasses emitted may attack the dyes…but, I know something about archival photography which has similar stability issues. Acid-free storage is the key…so, if you have any doubts about your system, then start with getting rid of these boxes. I´m starting to think that one might be better off with some classy artists storage units…which may be beneficial for such a purpose…if the discs are so valuable.
There are a number other tips that may enhance the longevity of your discs, such as keeping them vertical not horizontal, keeping them in the dark etc…all googlable